Our Commitment to Ending Modern-Day Slavery

Verification: Through a program of in-house and third-party audits, Hollander Sleep Products, LLC evaluates and addresses any risks of human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain wherever we do business.

Audits: Hollander’s quarterly in-house audits throughout our supply chain consist of on-site visits by trained personnel, records inspections, interviews and detailed questionnaires to evaluate supplier compliance with local, national and international standards for forced labor as well as Hollander’s own standards. Hollander also cooperates with our customers to conduct third-party audits to assure compliance with these standards.

Certifications: Our suppliers must certify that materials they incorporate into products Hollander buys comply with laws and our standards regarding slavery and human trafficking.

Accountability: A key component of Hollander’s efforts to enforce standards regarding slavery and trafficking is the requirement that suppliers sign our Business Code of Conduct which strictly forbids slavery, all forms of forced labor and human trafficking. Suppliers who do not abide by our rules face cancellation of future business.

Training: Hollander employees responsible for supply chain management have been trained to recognize slavery and human trafficking and to respond promptly and decisively to mitigate risk.