Foam bedding helps relieve pressure points and increases the comfort and support of a mattress.

Our foam bedding assortment includes various formulations of foam to offer different levels of feel, comfort, support and pricing. The cuts and shapes also contribute to each product’s benefits and performance.




Connecting cool comfort with supreme support for the next generation of durable pressure relief and cooling comfort.

Micro Diamond™

Memory foam infused with highly conductive diamond particles move heat away from the body, providing a cooler more comfortable sleep environment.


Adds a layer of cooling gel to any foam surface. Starts cool and stays cool due to its open cell structure with 100% breathability for an even cooler sleep surface all night long.

Swirl Gel

Cooling gel infused into the foam, giving it a marbled appearance and slowing the build up of body heat.


Gel particles infused into the foam improve the product’s conductivity and support while creating a cooler sleep throughout the night.


A compressive, conductive technology that uses the body’s compression of the foam to link the individual graphite particles together, to transfer heat away from the body.

Thermaphase Gel™

An encapsulated bead that absorbs and releases heat to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.