Sleep Education

It is important that you are receiving the best products that help you sleep soundly each night. Do you know which pillow is best for you? Not every pillow is the same and you may require different levels of support depending on how you sleep. The right density in a pillow encourages correct neck and spine alignment to help you sleep better and wake well rested.

To start, how do you sleep?

If you sleep on your STOMACH, you will want to purchase a Medium Support density pillow. The softness of the pillow will cradle your head and neck just enough to support your neck and spine without leaving you stiff the next morning.

If you sleep on your BACK, your best pillow will be a Firm Support density. A firmer pillow provides more support to balance your head, neck, and shoulders and helps align your spine while you sleep.

If you are SIDE Sleeper, you should always purchase an Extra Firm Support density pillow. This brings support to your spine and is firm enough to support the curve between your shoulders and head as you lay on your side, giving you that added protection and comfort you need.

We also have pillows for those who may sleep in multiple positions during the night. Look for Multi Sleep Position pillows for support that will adjust to your movements for a consistent level of support.

We hope this has helped you find your perfect pillow! As always, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at if you need any help finding your perfect pillow or for further questions. You can also find us on social media for daily tips and advice on everything sleep!