Warmth and Performance

Choosing the right comforter is important. Knowing what warmth you want and the performance you require will help you buy the best comforter that suits your needs. All of Hollander’s comforters are crafted with the highest quality materials. We take everything into consideration when making our comforters. From the fill to the fabric, we source the globe, looking for the ideal components that will provide you with lasting comfort. When you purchase a comforter that is made by Hollander, you will be provided with the best quality and luxury you can buy.

  • Down Comforters

    Down comforters allow you to enjoy warmth without  the weight. Down is nature’s best insulator, providing you with natural comfort and long lasting quality. The choices we offer help you identify which comforter is the right product for you. These choices consist of the type of Down (duck down or goose down), the fill power (the higher the number, the warmer the comforter), the fabrication and the thread count. All of these ingredients will provide you with the ideal sleep product. We offer down comforters that suit any sleep style.

  • Down Alternative Comforters

    Whether you are sensitive to down filled products and you are looking for the right alternative, or you desire a comforter that provides light warmth for those who sleep on the warmer side, we have the Down Alternative comforter that is perfect for you. Created as a down substitute, all of our down alternative comforters are filled with hypoallergenic, washable polyester fiber fill. They come in various fabrications, from polyester microfiber to 100% cotton, providing you with a soft and comfortable product for the ideal night’s sleep.