Welcome to Hollander Hospitality

For over 60 years, Hollander has been the largest supplier of bed pillows in North America. Continued success in designing and manufacturing superior products in both synthetic and natural fills has led Hollander into growing and maintaining significant market share in comforters, mattress pads and other basic bedding products.

The true advantage of partnering with Hollander is the guarantee that you will receive superior quality products and on time delivery, every time.

As part of our operational excellence, we are committed to hiring the most qualified experts in product development, sourcing and buying, worldwide. Striving for perfection is a given in everything we do to guarantee that we will always bring the best quality products with the latest innovations and technology.

Hollander continues to receive awards for its excellence in product innovation, brand vision, supply chain execution and superior quality of product.

Hollander takes pride in the fact that we are the number one supplier of bed pillows in North America and will continue to grow in excellence in all other basic bedding categories.

In addition, Hollander commits to our role of global sustainability. S M A R T is the sustainable model to which Hollander is committed: Suppliers, Materials, Associates, Retailers and Tomorrow. Join Hollander on our journey towards zero waste. S M A R T principles for a better world!

For more information about Hollander Hospitality please contact Melissa Purdy at mgipko-purdy@hollander.com or (561) 325-0266.